I decided to start fresh so I moved to a new blog. Username is still youstayandigo, but it’s a “new” account under a different email address, hence you’ll notice how this one now says “youstayandigo-oldblog.”

I’ll be posting all new stuff and reblogs there. I’ll leave this blog up for it’s old posts, but you can find me there.

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» I've moved: new blog is up!

I’ll be posting there from now on. Go go go!

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announcement to all my lovely followers

I’ve thought about it and have decided to make a completely new blog. With it, I will have the chance to start fresh and regain some sense of who I am. I don’t expect that to have much meaning to many but if you care to know, you have but to ask and I shall share the thought process behind this decision.

I’ll leave this blog here and check it the first few weeks of transitioning into the new blog, but after that I will probably cease to look back. My name will be the same, hence the change in this one. I’m still in the process of getting it set up but I’ll update and let you all know when it’s up. Also, when I refollow you, you’ll know who I am.



I want you all to know that if you ever need to talk, I am here for you. Don’t give up,  no matter how hard things look, there is always a solution, things do get better. There are thousands of people out there who are willing to listen to your problems and help you, people who really care about you. You are not alone, please don’t kill yourself

#the scene that broke me #not only his father favours caesar he made him kill his best friend #his only ally in this world #someone he knew and loved since he was a little boy #and he can’t even mourn him properly #but the way he slowed down when he was passing by sabinus’ corpse #the moment he realised he had to be strong and show his father he did not break him #that he’s a true warrior at heart and worthy of his name #I HAVE A LOT OF TIBERIUS FEELINGS OK

He couldn’t even call him father after.

imagewildlittledog replied to your post: i think i’m gonna redo my tags and create a tags…

I feel you. I’ve just started fresh, because I had way too many posts on my old account, and re-tagging everything would have taken forever. Good luck! Hopefully you have more patience than I did, heh :D

Tbh that would be ideal, but then there are downsides to doing that too. *sigh* my biggest petpeeve is that there’s no way to delete saved tags.

btw, your tags are perfectly in order. I love it.

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i think i’m gonna redo my tags and create a tags page. it’s looking messy


Nasir is the brightest star in this dark, dark sky. And I am going to cling to that for as long as possible. 

“The boy deserves opportunity.”